2016/2017 Meeting Schedule

Schedule may be subject to change.

Meetings start at 7:00 PM and end at 9:00PM (Click here for a map and location)

The 2016/2017 Schedule.

August 22th

Welcome to a new school year at THC. 
Join us for the fall family picnic kick off!

August 22, the fall family picnic will once again be at the Culloton house (418 Elite Ave in West Chicago) from 4 pm until 9 pm. Please bring something to grill for your own family, a dish to pass, and chairs or a picnic blanket for your family. Paper plates, napkins, plastic forks and spoons, and condiments (and the grill!) will be provided. This event will take place rain or shine (we have a large house with lots of space for games, eating, and gathering), so mark your calendars! Feel free to come and go as your family schedule and needs dictate. If it is fine weather, we will probably have a fire in the side yard for you to enjoy in addition to outdoor games, the sandbox, and lots of space for fellowship and fun!

Our picnic has always been a great way to re-connect with fellow homeschoolers before our academic years get under way, and it is a great way for newer homeschoolers and potential THC members to meet with others in the group, so please feel free to pass this email along or invite any homeschooling families you know who might be interested in joining. We will have the dates of all of our monthly meetings (September to May) available as well as the topics for each of those meetings! Our picnic is the deadline for early registration this year, so if you haven’t already registered, come prepared to do so. Materials will be on hand as will Jamie and Dora who can take completed forms and money.

It is a joy to host this event every year and is always my pleasure to catch up with those of you I don’t see often and to meet and welcome all you newcomers. I look very forward to seeing you all THIS COMING Monday!

September 26—Veteran Panel

Have you ever wondered how other's teach their children? How they manage schedules,subjects & siblings?
Come to the our first regular THC meeting on September 26th and find out!
We will have some "seasoned" parents talk about & answer questions on the "How To's" of home-schooling..
Our awesome library will be available too! See you at 7 at Glen Arbor.

October 24—Teaching Math

Come hear from Hazel Pack as she helps us grow in teaching math to our children. Join us as Hazel covers topics such as - What is Math? How do we learn math properly? How do we teach math effectively? How do we apply these teaching principles on math topics from numbers, fractions, algebra, geometry, and to infinity? Hazel Pack earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). She worked as the Project Engineer for Blachford in West Chicago, designing noise-control parts for trucks and tractors, for a number of years before earning her Master's Degree in Teaching High School Math and Physics from Roosevelt University.

November 28—Mom’s Encouragement Night

Homeschooling requires a lot of hard work! Come be encouraged and celebrate what you you have accomplished so far this year!

December—No Meeting—Merry Christmas!

January 23—Media Ecology

Come hear about how we can manage the media choices in our own homes.
Speaker Read Schuchardt will discuss how we can protect our kids in an age of technology, what our role should be as parents in that venture, and what media ecology is.
Speaker Jeff Beaird will speak about the technical side of protecting kids from technology dangers with firewalls and other technology solutions.

February 27—FINANCES: Saving, Investing, and Making it on One Income!

How do you plan for large financial costs—dental work, down payments, 401k? Is it wise to pay a mortgage down and if so, what is the best way—30, 15, 7? What is the best way to save for retirement when your work doesn’t provide a 401k? Marriage and communication—who does the finances (one or both)? How does one find a trustworthy financial advisor or bank? What makes a particular fund risky or safe? Is investing possible with only $5 extra each month? What vehicles are available for investing or saving for college, vacation, or retirement? How important is saving for retirement or for the unexpected? How can we increase what we tithe or give to charity? How can we budget for things we want along with paying what for what we need? Is living debt free even possible? How can we save money without constantly feeling deprived or miserly?

Many homeschoolers are living on one income, often in the low to middling range, so questions such as these come up frequently. Dan Culloton, who has been writing about the financial industry for the past 20 years, will speak about basic financial prudence and answer questions like those above. To make this meeting as effective as possible for as many of you as possible, please send your question to Dan any time prior to the meeting at wego_culloton11@comcast.net, and he can address specific issues.

Come join us February 27th at Glen Arbor Community Church. Feel free to invite other homeschooling neighbors and friends!

March 27- Curriculum Night

Come have a chance to see and hear about favorite curriculum choices. We will also devote some time to discussing scheduling & record keeping tips for planning next year!

April 24 - The annual THC Academic Fair

Every year THC puts on a fair like the science ones you might have seen around. This year's Academic Fair will be---Art and Literature
What does this mean you may ask. It can mean anything. Your child may be crafty. For those who don't have crafty kids (ahem, like some in my house) they can study an artist writing a report or collecting books with the artists works. Or they may love a particular author and learn about the author's life.
The children will have an opportunity to show what they have learned by making a display. A display could mean a poster or model or homemade movie or wear a costume or recite a poem or recipe. In the past we have had a working mini-cannon, a homemade newspaper, a working Egypt water clock, families all in costume, aged Civil War hard tack just to name a few.
There will be a time for recitation if the children are so inclined
Every child can do something. This is a great event to let our children explore something they really enjoy. It's also a opportunity for our students to have a goal with a clear end date.
This is an ALL ages event.
Our little ones can color a picture, copy a quote, and do a simple project. That would be a great display!
Older students, of course, can pursue topics more in depth. This fair lends itself toward longer essays or even a research papers.
Come one, come all. Everyone is invited to attend. This a great opportunity to invite grandparents, aunts and uncles and neighbors.

May 22— Performing Arts Night!

Come join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of our students. Children of member families will play musical instruments, sing, act out skits, recite Scripture / poetry / famous speeches etc. The event is open to family and friends so it is a great opportunity for Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, cousins and friends to come enjoy an evening of our student's accomplishments in the fine arts arena. Any member who would like to have a child participate will need to sign up, details on sign up will be announced soon.


If you would like to make suggestions please contact us!

Welcome Back

We are looking forward to a new school year and hope to see you at THC this year.


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